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Its a wonder that nothing has happened to Cox…you might even call it suspicious.

The guy bought busses down there on the 6th, filled them with people, and when folks were in the Capitol looking for Mike Pence, he said “Mike Pence is a traitor.” Sounds like incitement or instruction.

He also promoted QAnon, which many suspect to be a deep state psyop. I think the evidence for this is true as QAnon appears to be basically tailor-made for the Left to justify unconstitutional censorship of conservatives. So many got censored, but Cox didn’t? Dan tweeted QAnon conspiracies, but he was never suspended from Twitter. He’s a high ranking elected official for God’s sakes!

Hundreds who did less than he did were investigated by the FBI or hauled before the House Democrats’ sham committee. Why wasn’t Dan?

Is Dan a psyop, leading patriotic lambs to the slaughter? Given his credentials, and good luck with getting off scot-free, I’d say its possible he could be in on the setup used to justify and absolve the Steal.

But I still lean to the side of the debate that he’s just a loon who has gotten lucky, given his long track record of irrelevance and incompetence. But who knows?

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