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Yes, they have learned a lesson. They got away with gerrymandering last time because the courts ruled that the Constitution does not prohibit political gerrymandering. Sad for the people, but probably a correct interpretation. Our Constitution has never required democratic election processes. We were founded as an oligarchic republic, not a democratic republic.

If the legislature approves this map and overrides the Governor's veto of that, there will be a suit. But the Democrats know that they will likely win the suit. The places where gerrymandering not based on race has been thrown out have won based on state constitutional provisions, not federal, but the Maryland constitution has no language on which to base such a suit. We can only hope there will be enough Democrats who respond to pressure from good government groups which are not at all Republican to prevent the gerrymandered map from being implemented. That may not be likely, but I think it may be possible. If their constituents demand it, enough may oppose gerrymandering to make the difference.

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