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The Buckley Rule? Did he come back to tell you who can win or is it your super powers to predict the future?

Dan can win in 2022, this is the year for a true conservative.

Here is an article contrasting the two candidates.


Interesting question highlighted in article, is she running? She hasn’t filed. Has she picked a running mate? Is it you? 😂

Would Buckley have supported “demanding you wear the damn mask”, “calling small locally owned businesses and churches non-essential”, and the socialist “Global Pandemic Prevention and Biodefense Center”?

As a past Buckley supporter, I think not. I’m sure he would have called her a liberal.

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Lots of safe statements. Disappointed that additional police funding did not include oversight and worried that this style of schooling abandons students with parents who don't care and will not bring up failing/struggling schools. But apart from that seems like a continuation of the Hogan rule which has not been terrible.

I'm suspicious why their is not one of your surveys for her as i would like the answer to some of those.

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