Here we go again...... With the amount of logical fallacies in this piece, self described "smart guy" Brian, would fail ANY philosophy 101 class. Besides being a champion of regurgitating Democrat talking points, by Brian's "logic" Elizabeth Warren should still be a conservative, since she was a Republican in the 90s and was even described as a "diehard conservative" by her past piers. Brian is COMPLETELY disconnected from the average voter, especially hard working blue collar middle class one who benefited the most from Trump's presidency. Go and spew the nonsense you do in this piece to one, and you'll see how your "wisdom" will fare. No, Brian would not be seen next to an average hard working Trump voter, much like to a Democrat, they're "beneath him". But basement wisdom is always the best, eh?!

Brian thinks his taunting of a dying breed of neo-con Republicanism and Buckleyite "conservatism", which has not conserved ANYTHING, is still relevant. Time to leave politics behind Brian and concentrate on your bowling.

Poor man in his bowling shirt, like Al Bundy, who was reliving his glory days of "four touchdowns in one game". Brian's irrelevant political voice, like his "glorious" uniparty "Republicans" are fading away. And thank God for that! The only problem is he doesn't think so, but that's an issue for a world class psychiatrist.

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