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Brian I absolutely agree that voters deserve better than this nonsense and silliness. But Delegate Lauren Arikan seems to surround herself with nonsense and has made inflammatory and false accusations in the past. At some point you just have to ask whether Arikan just likes to play in the mud or whether she is doing the dirty work for her establishment gods. Your next question should be why would Jim Dornan want to make it look like the Steele and Cox campaigns were infighting, if he works for Steele? Maybe Steele needs some media attention or maybe Hogan's loyalties are shifting. Perhaps Hogan believes Kelly Schulz is underperforming. In any event Dan Cox was clearly targetted because he is the anti-establishment candidate, is performing well and is being well received across the state. Cox has the right and responsibility to clear his name from these defamatory accusations now proven false. Brian you keep perpetuating your conspiracy conspiracy theories. Maybe these insiders know a little more than you do about who's pulling the strings and why. I agree the voters deserve better.

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