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Thanks for click on the link to learn more about The Duckpin! You probably wonder what we’re doing here.

What is The Duckpin?

The Duckpin, a media outlet for politics, ideas, entertainment, sports, culture and more from publisher and CEO Brian Griffiths.

About the Publisher

The Publisher and CEO of The Duckpin is Brian Griffiths. Dubbed “The Dean of Maryland New Media”, Brian is Maryland’s most tenured and most respected blogger, columnist, and podcaster. He was a co-founder of Red Maryland, the most influential and important website of Maryland politics and ideas. He is also a columnist for The Capital.

Is this just another Maryland Politics site?

One of the reasons Brian decided to launch a new site is to have the opportunity to provide stories and podcasts about more than just state and local politics. While state and local politics will be among many things we talk about, we’ll also talk about politics, sports, entertainment, culture, and more, in Maryland and beyond.

If you want to be part of the team or have any questions, contact us: theduckpin@gmail.com.

Is there a podcast?

The Duckpin Podcast talks with people from a local, state, and national perspective who are making things happen. Guests include political candidates, political operatives, policy experts, and leading figures and thinkers from sports, entertainment, culture, and more.

You can watch the podcast on YouTube or subscribe to the audio version on Apple PodcastStitcher,  AnchorGoogle PodcastSpotifyPocket CastsOvercastRadio PublicBreaker, and wherever else you get your podcasts.

What the heck is a duckpin?
A duckpin is one of the pins in duckpin bowling, a variation of bowling popular in Maryland. Publisher and CEO Brian Griffiths was an accomplished youth duckpin bowler and still sees duckpins as superior to ten pins.

Why the heck is this site called The Duckpin?
We represent a niche. A niche that people will find fun, entertaining, and more than meets the eye. It’s Something New For Everyone!

Do you do podcasts?
Not yet. There may be podcasts in the near future.

Do you do videos?
Yes. We will post them on the site, as well as on our YouTube channel.

Do you have in-person events?
In this environment? No. While we are not an event company, our leadership has planned events of various sizes before. There may be events in the future. After this pandemic thing goes away.

Is this free?
Yes. This is not a money-making enterprise, nor is it planned to be. The Substack platform allows us to create premium content, however. So perhaps in the future, we will make premium content available through the site.

What’s your social media?
We’re on TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube.

What’s the politics of this site?
Our leadership will be putting out a values statement in the near future. While it would be easy to pigeon-hole this site as a conservative/libertarian-leaning, there will be writers out there who may challenge your preconceived notions about a lot of things.

How else can I support you?
Buy some merch at Teespring!

We are also a member of the Amazon Affiliate program. Occasionally you will see links on our site that link to Amazon products. We will receive a small portion of the purchase price as a commission on these purchases.

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A media venture from veteran Maryland writer and podcaster Brian Griffiths. Politics, Culture, Entertainment, Sports, and More.


"The Dean of Maryland New Media", Brian Griffiths is the Publisher and CEO of The Duckpin and President of Egoskor, the parent company of The Duckpin, Old Line Wiffle Club, and more
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