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Your New Year's Resolutions

A New Year's Wish for 2021 – Restoring the Economic Gains of the Trump Years

Episode #15: Justin Ready

Cox Accuses Hogan of Being A Chinese Spy

A New New Year's Eve

The Runback: A 2020 Ending

NFL Preview: Week 16

Auburn Makes Their Choice

Same COVID, Different Rules for Restaurants

Trump is Right on Stimulus Veto

The Giant of the Senate

The Worst/Best Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas from The Duckpin!

A Traditionalist Fix for the College Football Playoff

Worst Christmas Movies

The Runback: 🎄Presents Under the Tree🎄

Kim Klacik is Who We Thought She Was

Let's Have a Real Playoff, End of Season Edition

NFL Preview: Week 15

Top 5 Christmas Movies

Romance of the Skies?

Save The Snow Day

Foxwell's Baggage

After Season on the Brink – A Closing Saturday to Remember

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #14

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 16

December 2020 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

2021 NBA Preview: Part 2

Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

Love Letters from Red Hats

The Runback: Trump's Rot

NFL Preview: Week 14

Cooper Urges MDGOP Support of Bogus Texas Lawsuit

A Bad Baseball Day

The Folly of Writers in Bubbles

2021 (finally) NBA Preview: Part 1

Episode #13: John Frenaye from Eye on Annapolis

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 15

Season Ending Heat Check

Can Baltimore's Latest Mayor Break with Past Failures?

The Runback: The Rut

Maryland Republican Party Fall Convention Preview and Predictions

Unexpected Sweetness vs. Caramel Onions

NFL Preview: Week 13

Episode #12: MDYR Chair Maria Sofia

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 14

The Toy Story In All Of Us

The Runback: No Hugging, No Learning

THIS IS...(used to be) Rivalry Week!

NFL Preview: Week 12

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brian's Thanksgiving Rankings

Thanksgiving Cannot Be Canceled

The Destruction of the Undertaker's Farewell

The Runback: Let's Give Thanks

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 13

Thanksgiving Dinner, Ranked

NFL Preview: Week 11

10 2020 NBA Draft Predictions

Peter Franchot's Big Brother Government

Episode #11: WBAL Radio's Andrew Langer

November 2020 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Mid-Season Heat Check

The Runback: COVID Fatigue

Let's Have a Real Playoff

NFL Preview: Week 10

MoCo's Elrich Administration in COVID Pay Scandal

The Duckpin Podcast: Episode #10

Kim Klacik: A Fool and Her Money

Supreme Court Packing at Stake in Georgia Senate Run-offs

The Runback: Populism is Dead

Winners and Losers (So Far) From the 2020 Election

NFL Preview: Week 9

The Coup Is Coming From Inside The House

Like a Box of Chocolates

The NFL At the Halfway Point

Count the Votes

The Duckpin Podcast: Post-Election America

The Runback: Predictions on the Eve of Destruction

College Football's Biggest "On the Field" Storyline (so far)...

NFL Preview: Week 8

The Fall of Len Foxwell

Top Wrestling Themes: #1-5

College Football in Full Swing

A Hail Mary

Nine Minutes

The Runback: Move Forward

When A Single Vote Matters

No, That's Not How it Works

NFL Preview: Week 7

This is Not Censorship

The Top Wrestling Themes: #6-10

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #8

All... Or Nothing

The Runback: Klacik's Millions

NFL Preview: Week 6

The Top Wrestling Themes: #11-15

Engaged but Disengaged

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #7

Every Villain is the Hero of Their Own Story

Baltimore’s Get Out of Jail Free Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby

The Runback: Debate Society

Harold & Stanowski win GBMGT Doubles Event

NFL Preview: Week 5

Not Simonaire

Let's Overanalyze This 2022 Poll

The Top Wrestling Themes: #16-20

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #6

The Runback: Time Wasters

The Top Wrestling Themes: #21-25

NFL Preview: Week 4

Missed the News? Household Income Jumps Nearly 7% as Poverty Rate hits a Sixty Year Low

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #5

Unforgivable Errors

The Runback: Debate Prep

Onward and Upward

NFL Preview: Week 3

A True Public Servant

David Trone: The Swamp’s Very Own Congressman

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #4

Guest Post: Origin and Evolution of the Toys for Tots Program

The Runback: Supremely Problematic

The Abdication of Responsibility

NFL Preview: Week 2

Off-Session Bill Hearings Violate Legislative Rules

A Second Chance To Get It Right

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #3

Betting on Flexibility

The Runback: Fire On the Mountain

NFL Preview: Week 1

Herold wins 2nd Greater Baltimore Mini-Golf Tour Event of 2020

About That Time I Got Sued by a U.S. Senate Candidate....

That's Not What a Surplus Is For

The Universal Title's Lost Summer

Your NFL Preview, Part II: The NFC and Super Bowl Picks

The Duckpin Podcast, Episode #2

Your 2020 NFL Preview, Part I: The AFC

Stop The Insanity

The Runback: The Fruits of Labor

5 Top Players to downgrade in Fantasy Football

5 Low End Players To Keep An Eye On In Fantasy Football This year

Is it COVID or Teachers Unions Keeping Schools Closed from In-Person Instruction?

Christopher Nolan Week: Part 5

Christopher Nolan Week: Part 4

The Sun Says The Quiet Part Out Loud

Christopher Nolan Week: Part 3

The Duckpin Podcast: Inaugural Episode!

The Facebook Panic

On Mac Love

BREAKING: Big Ten Eyes Possible Oct 10 Return

Christopher Nolan Week: Part 2

Christopher Nolan Week: Part 1

The Runback: Figures Lie and Liars Figure

Is it Safe to Go Outside Yet? The Science & Politics of COVID

No Easy Answers

Their Brand is Crisis

You had one job, David Bossie

The Runback: Convention Catastrophe

Screwing the Pooch

Yes, Party Control Matters

Your NBA Playoffs Primer: Part 2

An Inexact Comparison

Jayce Tingler Should Be Fired

Exelon Subsidiary Acknowledges Political Corruption, Agrees to Pay $200 Million Penalty

Your NBA Playoffs Primer

The Runback: One Forward, Two Back

The Good Ship Lollipop

The Five Most Interesting Teams In Baseball Right Now

Enough with this Special Session Stuff

College Sports are Falling Apart

Welcome To Flavor Country

The Runback: Jaws Of Victory

Has COVID-19 Killed Off the Kirwan Commission's $32 billion Spending Plan?

Never Go Full Commie

An Interview With Iroquois History And Legends podcast hosts: Caleb and Andrew Cotter

A Clarifying Moment for Choice in Education

Beyond Conservatism?

The Five Burner Accounts You Will Meet in Hell

The Runback: TikTok Truths

College Football Schedule-A-Go-Go

Video Killed The Radio Star

5 Movies That Cannot Be Remade

Maryland’s Teachers Union COVID-19 Demands Will Increase Educational Inequality

The Runback: Pod People

100 days out


Kraken It Up To 11

Two New Yorks

So You’ve Been Kidnapped In Portland

Flaw and Order

MLB Watchability Index Part 2

The Runback: We Need It Badly

The Elephant in the Room

Welcome to Maine Beer

Teachers Union Demands “Homeschooling Lite” for Maryland’s New School Year

MLB Watchability Index Part 1

Can We Not?

You Can't Spell Fundraiser Without F-U-N

The Cow Fart Acid Trip

I Watched It So You Don’t Have To

The Runback: Commute This Boycott

Ravens Fans, We Need to Talk

Independence Day continued...

Yasiel Puig? I'm For It

Childhood Psychology: Interpretation of Childhood Idioms

It's Not Nashville

Never Forget...24 years ago today

A Changing of the Headdress

The Runback: Revenge Culture

Radical Realignment

Rocking Independence Day

Top Elrich Official’s Book Deal with Contractor Violates Ethics Rules


Canada's Top 10

If you cancel it, nobody will come

Celebrating the Greatest Hamburger

Welcome to Foxboro, Cam Newton

I Don’t Totally Recall

The Runback: Bubble People

Kaminski Wins 2nd Straight Greater Baltimore Mini-Golf Tour Event

College Football's Lifeblood


Looking forward to the Post-Brady Era

Avoid The Suck Zone

The Times They Are A-changin'

Breaking Down the Rule Changes

Here We Go Again

A bad prescription for drug commercials

Playing For The Natty

Do I have Covid-19?

We Could Be Heroes…

The Runback: Trump, TikTok, and Tulsa

Make 'Em Pay

What Does the Taulia Tagovailoa Signing Mean for Maryland Football?

Lamenting the Universal DH

On Juneteenth..

The High Gear Of Your Soul: A Beginner’s Guide To Phish

My Dinner With Arte

Sunlight Needed for Police Misconduct Cases

All About Me: A Quick Introduction

Rick Wilson Jumps The Shark

The Top 20 Multi Sport Uniform Power Rankings Part 2

The Runback: Overpromising and Underdelivering

Ranking New Coaching Hires in College Football

Defunding The Police Doesn’t Necessarily Mean What You Think

MLB Players, Owners Need to Get a Grip

Baltimore is Heading for a Scott vs Dixon General Election

Kicking Off - College Football Coach Rankings

Introduction and 35 Facts

The Top 20 Multi-Sport Uniform Power Ranking

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