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Larry Hogan: The Ideal Senate Choice for Maryland Republicans

We Did Have A Solution to Immigration: Trump Told Republicans to Nix The Bill

Candidate Survey: Erica MacFarland for Anne Arundel County Board of Education, District 3

Candidate Survey: Jaime Brennan for Frederick County Board of Education

Candidate Survey: Matt Libber for Congress, District 3

CD6 GOP Fundraising: Tom Royals Leads With $172,827 In 2024

Candidate Survey: Andrea Crooms for Congress, District 5

Cadillac: From Classic Luxury to Cutting-Edge Innovation

Candidate Survey: Dana Schallheim for Anne Arundel County Board of Education, District 5

The Runback: The Boiling Frog

The British Commonwealth Blueprint for the United Federation of Planets

Maryland To Pay for Security at Abortion Clinics

Performative Legislating

Hyser Supports "Ceasefire" in Gaza

Missing the Point

In 2024, Why Does AEW Exist?

Larry Hogan's Current and Future Legacy

Maryland General Assembly Unleashes Disaster After Disaster

The Runback: Total Eclipse of the Heart

The Democrats are Raising Your Taxes

Rebuilding the Key Bridge: Opportunities and Barriers

The Runback: Now What?

The Ghouls in Our Midst

Will Wes Moore & Joe Biden Let You Choose the Car You Want?

The Runback: Lightning Round

The Runback: Governor Lightweight

Candidate Survey: Angie Vigliotti for Frederick County Board of Education

A Calamity is Coming

House Democratic Leader Moon's $2.9B Sales Tax Hike

Candidate Survey: Rob Steinberger for Congress, District 3

The Runback: Welcome to Hell

Dan Cox Complaining About....Neil Parrott raising money?

Candidate Survey: Jeff Woodard for Congress, District 3

Candidate Survey: Arthur Baker for Congress, District 3

Candidate Survey: Lucas Thorpe for Dorchester County Board of Education, District 1

Candidate Survey: Brenda Thaim for Congress, District 6

Candidate Survey: Kevin Harris for Mayor of Baltimore

The Runback: The Rhinoceros of Our Times

Paranoid Cox: "Biden sent Blackhawks to intimidate me"

The Cox Obsession

Candidate Survey: DeForest Rathbone for St. Mary's County Board of Education

Candidate Survey: Chris Anderson for Baltimore City Council, District 7

Politics in the Drivers Seat in Biden's Thinking on Electric Vehicles

Candidate Survey: Bethany Mandel for Montgomery County Board of Education, District 4

Students Were Always the Biggest Losers with the Democrats Blueprint

Candidate Survey: George McDermott for Congress, District 4

Candidate Survey: Wendell Freeman for Mayor of Baltimore

The Runback: It's Like They Want to Lose...

Review: "101 Ways America Went from Sweet Land of Liberty to Weak, Woke, and Wobbly: A Reference Guide to the Biden Administration"

The Zombie Conservative Movement

Candidate Survey: Jerry Alexandratos for Frederick County Board of Education

Candidate Survey: Mike Scott for U.S. Senate

Candidate Survey: George Gluck for Congress, District 6

Larry Hogan is Back in the Political Arena: What's Next?

Hyser Wilds Out at 6th District Forum

Candidate Survey: John A. Myrick for U.S. Senate

Candidate Survey: Lorrie Sigley for Congress, 7th District

The Runback: It's 2014 All Over Again

The Lincoln Project's AI Video is Stupid

US Education Department Investigating Johns Hopkins Over Anti-Semitism

Democratic Polling Firm Push Polls Maryland over Hogan Candidacy

Guest Post: Larry Hogan and Conventional Political Wisdom

Conservative Journalist Bethany Mandel Files for MoCo School Board

Wes Moore's Plan from Hell

The Runback: Super Thoughts

Hell Freezes Over

EXCLUSIVE: Corine Frank will not seek Re-Election

"Tried and Tested" and Other Lies the Death Cult Tells You

The Runback: Living in Stupid Times

Delegate Kris Fair is "Deeply Hurt" Biology and Science

Candidate Survey: John Teichert for U.S. Senate

Ficker Fudges Financial Facts

Candidate Survey: Yolanda Pulley for Mayor of Baltimore

Candidate Survey: Robyn Christian for Baltimore City Council, District 6

REACTION: Ben Shapiro Rapping....

A Loop Around the Congressional Races

The Runback: Worst Boss(ie) in the World

A Crime That Should Never Have Happened

Eight Democrats Introduce Resolution Supporting Gaza Terrorists

Maryland State Board of Elections Facing Voter Integrity Lawsuit

Moore Budget is a Disaster for Maryland

Baltimore Banner Chooses to Rehabilitate Alleged Groomer

The Runback: Wait and See

Failed Board of Elections Appointee Suggests Boards of Election Should Be Elected

Maryland GOP Financial Situation is Bleak

The Pride Problem

January 2024 Maryland U.S. Senate Power Rankings

Smith Purchase of The Sun is a Complete Bombshell

The Runback: The Constitution Is Not the Problem

Unfit to Serve

Announcing The Duckpin 100 for 2024

The Runback: The Madness That Doesn't Abate

Ex-Republican Don Quinn Resurfaces to Run for Congress

Ten Years Ago, A Phantom Title Change

Klacik PAC Fundraiser to Feature QAnon Candidate Who Exaggerated Service Record

Baltimore Brew Scoops Sun on Mayor Brandon Scott's “Baby Shower” Registry

Yes. And No.

The Runback: Seeing the Future