Sitemap - 2021 - The Duckpin

Is the Cox/Schifanelli Campaign Now Embracing the COVID Vaccine from China?

What We Need to Leave in 2021

He. Still. Doesn’t. Get. It.

NFL Mystery Box: Week 17

The Growing Hispanic Republican Vote: 2021’s Political Earthquake

Baltimore GOP Swings, Misses at Election Audit Request

Confusion Surrounds Monoclonal Antibodies and Anti-Virals

Most Meaningful Matchups - Final Round of Bowls, NY6 & Playoff Semifinals

Why Socialism Fails, In Visuals

The OCHO: Week 16

The Runback: Seeing the Future

Most Meaningful Matchups - Bowl Season

NFL Mystery Box: Week 16

Merry Christmas!

An Unconstitutional Mess

Trump States The Obvious

Crisis in Quidditch

The OCHO: Week 15

Candidate Survey: David Sgambellone for Anne Arundel County Council, District 2

The Runback: 🎄Presents Under the Tree🎄, 2021 Remix

Does Dan Cox Want to Put Unvaccinated Nurses Into Nursing Homes?

Whoops, He Did it Again

Like a Fart in the Wind, there's no more Bread and Roses

Major Changes, Minor Leagues

The Parity is Parody

Most Meaningful Matchups – First Round of Bowls

Candidate Survey: Paul Lubell for Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, District 1

December 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Unity Day Redux: The Madness of Woke Virtue Signaling

Dan Cox Is Not a Doctor

Do Mayors Dream of Electric Sheep?

Candidate Survey: Travis Lerol for Delegate, District 31B

Filthy Lucre Live

The OCHO: Week 14

The Runback: In Writing

Let's Talk About the Fake Slide

NFL Mystery Box: Week 14

Disunity From Unity

Carrying All the Water

Week 14 Finale - Championship Saturday Breakdown

Chalk Session, Episode #8

What does “Demonstrate Your Good Faith” mean?

This is the Weirdest Thing on the Maryland Politics Internet

The OCHO: Week 13

The Runback: After Roe

Let's Have a Playoff: Final 2021 Edition

Eyes Off the Prize

Cox Trying and Failing to Raise Money off of Omicron

NFL Mystery Box: Week 13

Who Creates The Fear With Omicron?

Homicide Prosecutor for Baltimore’s Marilyn Mosby Charged Criminally

Most Meaningful Matchups - Championship Week Edition!

December 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Guest Post: Activists Remain Silent on "Fair" Baltimore County Congressional Maps

Let's Have a Playoff, Week 13

Let's Rate the Gubernatorial Campaign Logos

Is #GivingTuesday Too Saturated?

Candidate Survey: Dave Harden for Congress, District 1

Chalk Session #7

Science vs Schifanelli

The OCHO: Week 12

Week 13 Thrills

Candidate Survey: Tom Scanlan for Carroll County Board of Education

The Runback: Full-Time Nonsense

It's Time for a Change in College Park

There's a Move to Put "Weird Al" Yankovic in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and they're Probably Right

NFL Preview: Week 12

Week 13 Most Meaningful Matchups

Let's Have a Playoff, Week 12

Democrats Congressional Districts a Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Cox Running Mate Calls Hogan "Imposter Republican"

Donald Trump Endorsing Dan Cox Is Pointless Noise

Let's Do a USFL Logo Comparison

The OCHO: Week 11

Week 12 Tallies

The Runback: Let's Give Thanks, 2021 Edition

Lead Cox Cheerleaders Also Can't Spell Gordana Schifanelli's name either

NFL Preview: Week 11

Week 12 Most Meaningful Matchups

Candidate Survey: Colt Black for Delegate, District 4

Cox Misspells Running Mate's Name in Fundraising Solicitation

What the Left and Right get Wrong about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 11

Candidate Survey: Julie Giordano for Wicomico County Executive

The Baltimore Sun's Reprehensible Defense of Gerrymandering

Illuminating Week 11

Which Political Type Are You?

The OCHO: Week 10

The Runback: Jerks Have Rights Too

November 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Non-Partisan Group Flunks Democratic Legislature's Proposed Congressional Maps

Here's a Video of Dan Cox Supporting COVID Mandates

NFL Preview: Week 10

Chalk Session, Episode #6

College Football's Most Meaningful Matchups - Week 11

Let's Review Those Predictions

A Modest Proposal for the 2022 United Wiffle National Championship

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 10

The Game Is Always the Same: It's Rigged

Charles Lollar Lost....*Again*

Week 10 Tales

The OCHO: Week 9

The Runback: Winners and Losers

GOP Data Center Marches into the Maryland Sunset

Maryland Federation of Republican Women Makes History

NFL Powder Rankings: Second "Quarter"

Most Meaningful Matchups in College Football - Week 10

Candidate Survey: Robert Poissonnier for Congress, District 6

Let the Music Play

What Does Dana Schallheim Think She's Doing?

Greenville GOP Embraces the Stupid

Candidate Survey: Lisa Burnam for Prince George's County Council, District 9

Lessons from Tuesday

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Post-CFP Ranking Edition

Franchot's Legacy

November 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Week 9 Narratives

Candidate Survey: LaTasha Ward for Delegate, District 24

The Runback: It's a Family Tradition

Let's Have a Real Playoff

NFL Preview: Week 8

Tucker Carlson's Fever Dream

Most Meaningful Matchups - Week 9


Candidate Survey: Aisha Khan for Delegate, District 44-B

Early Birds

Cox Tells Voters to Knock Doors in Virginia Instead of Maryland

Bainum's Banner Associated With Democratic Operatives

Candidate Survey: Rashad Dwayne Lloyd for State Senate, District 22

Pittman Misunderstands Economic Development

Covid Vaccination Mandate Conflict of Interest

Week 8 Evaluations

The OCHO: Week 7

The Runback: A Change is Gonna Come

The O'Malley Boomlet Makes No Sense

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 10

Juggernauts End Dream Season With a National Championship

NFL Preview: Week 7

Chalk Session, Episode #5

The Painful Moments of Sports


Arizona Continues Its Descent Into Madness

Week 8 Most Meaningful Matchups

For Frederick Republicans, It's Time to Cut Bait

Even in Op-Eds, Facts Matter

The OCHO: Week 6

Week 7 Summations - Another Top 5 Upset

The Runback: Bainum's Baltimore Banner Battle

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week #9

October 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Pete's Paternity Perturbation and Dudebro Conservatism

NFL Preview: Week 6

Candidate Survey: Robert Bass for Montgomery County Sheriff

Week 7 Most Meaningful Matchups

Will Remote Work Upend Montgomery County Land Use Plans?

Candidate Survey: Dennis Frazier for Delegate, District 5

Chalk Session, Episode #4

Plurality of Republicans Remain in Suicide Pact

Candidate Survey: Johnny Ray Salling for State Senate, District 6

The NFL Should Do Something Constructive with the 17th Game

The OCHO: Week 5

Candidate Survey: Monica Roebuck for Delegate, District 23A

Week 6 Superlatives

The Runback: Taxing Shenanigans

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 8

NFL Powder Rankings: First "Quarter"

Week 6 Most Meaningful Matchups

Candidate Survey: Reginald Benbow for Delegate, District 43

Chalk Session: Episode #3

How Justin Tucker Can Hit From 70

Candidate Survey: Kyle Sefcik for Governor

Dorchester Republican Central Committee Stumping For Cox

The Arena Football League Was a Logo Wasteland

Did Biden’s Inflation Kill Off the Dollar Stores?

The OCHO: Week 4

Candidate Survey: Glen Geelhaar for House of Delegates, District 8

Week 5 Finalities – A True “Separation Saturday” in College Football

The Runback: The Good Guys Lost

Let's Have a Real Playoff, Week 6

October 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

NFL Preview: Week 4

Week 5 Most Meaningful Matchups in College Football

Let's Have a Real Playoff, 2021 Edition

Governor's Redistricting Advisory Commission Releases Single-Member Map

Cox Selects Gordana Schifanelli as his running mate

Candidate Survey: Gary Falls for Prince George's County Council, District 7

Week 4 Findings in College Football

The Big Crunch

Candidate Survey: Lauren Parker for Anne Arundel County Register of Wills

The Continued Absurdity of the Baltimore Sun Editorial Page

Charles Lollar is Running for Office.....*Again*

The OCHO: Week 3

Acknowledge Them

Candidate Survey: Alexis Burrell-Rohde for Baltimore County Register of Wills

The Runback: I Was Promised A Tennis Center, Not Kings Dominion

Arizona Audit Reaches Obvious Conclusion

NFL Preview: Week 3

Week 4 - Most Meaningful Matchups in College Football

Candidate Survey: Nicole Kreamer for Charles County Board of Education, District 3

Chalk Session: Episode 2

Candidate Survey: Annel McCollim for House of Delegates, District 8

I Drew a Terrible Congressional Redistricting Map Just to Make a Point

Can an Anti-Kirwan Democrat Win the Gubernatorial Primary?

A Glass Meh-nagerie

Robbie Leonard Is Unfit to Serve

Joe Werner Files for Governor

Candidate Survey: Debbie Mills Burch for St. Mary's County Clerk of the Court

Week 3 Throw Downs in College Football– Does Everyone Stink?

Candidate Survey: Dion Guthrie for Harford County Council, District A

Dumbing Down Local Elections

The OCHO: Week 2

Candidate Survey: Scott Ostrow for St. Mary's County Commissioner

The Runback: Portal Madness

Griffleball League wins NWLA Championship

Chalk Session: Inaugural Episode

NFL Preview: Week 2

Candidate Survey: Paul Schwartz for Montgomery County Council

College Football's Most Meaningful Matchups - Week 3

Candidate Survey: John Distel for House of Delegates, District 3B

Candidate Survey: Adam Cunningham for State Senate, District 39

September 2021 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Republican Gubernatorial Primary Gets Stupid

My Favorite Comedian

Candidate Survey: Kaden Snyder for Washington County Commissioner

The Ego Has Landed

Week 2 Wackiness –

The OCHO: Week 1

Candidate Survey: Jim Shalleck for Attorney General

The Runback: The Fairest of them All

Juggernauts Claim First MAW Championship

Twenty Years

NFL Preview: Week 1

Candidate Survey: George McDermott for Congress, 4th District

2021 NFL Predictions

Griffiths Confirmed to Anne Arundel Salary Standard Commission

College Football Most Meaningful Matchups - Week 2

Candidate Survey: Lorrie Sigley for Congress, 7th District

Kittleman Seeks to Retake Howard County Executive Seat

Candidate Survey: Moisette Tonya Sweat for Prince George's County Executive

Episode #44: What Randy Edsall Can Teach Us About Personnel and Policy

Guest Post: Allegis Group lays off employees, promptly pledges millions to social justice

Week 1 Wonder

Candidate Survey: Sterling Sanders for Washington County Commissioner

Food Review: Taco Bell Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco

The Runback: Labor Pains

Pros Dominate at Maryland State Mini-Golf Championship

ZeNFL II: 2021 NFL Preview

Parkside Whispering Pines is Still Close to Great

Week 1’s Ten Most Meaningful Matchups

Episode #43: Rob Towner on the Canadian Election

September 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Michael Steele's Biden Problem

Predicting College Football's Final 4

The Runback: H is for Hypocrisy

Social Media Perils

Salary Floor is not a Panacea

It's (Sort of) Here!

Episode #42: State Senator Michael Hough

The Runback: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Previewing 2021 College Football Season, Part 3

Fantasy Football 5 to avoid

Fantasy Football 5 To Go On

Previewing 2021 College Football Season, Part 2

Have We Reached Flavor Saturation?

August 2021 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Previewing 2021 College Football Season

The Runback: An Epic and Bipartisan Disaster

Luedtke's Union Handout Goes National

Cox Continues Constant and Clownish Conspiracy Chatter

The Hogan Traffic Relief Plan Moves Forward

Episode #41: Anne Arundel County Councilman Nathan Volke

Questions Mount about Frederick County Conservative Club's Tax Status

Orioles Target of Unfair Scorn

The Runback: S.O.S.

Juggernauts Endure Marathon Day to Capture Wiffle Bash

Wannabe Comptroller Lierman Claims "Trees Stop Crime"


A Parking Class?

Dan and Dave and Megan Rapinoe

Cox Spreading Bogus Election Conspiracy

Brian Griffiths on WBAL Radio, 8/2/21

The Runback: Mixed Messages Make Muddled Messes

Images of Baltimore

August 2021 Presidential Power Rankings

The Skunk at the Garden Party

NBA Draft Winners And Losers

5 Predictions For The NBA Draft

The Orioles 2018 Trade Deadline, Revisited

Ted Lasso Doesn't Save The World

The Runback: Steele Trap

Has MoCo's School System Committed $168 Million to Buy Edsel Electric Buses?

Every US City That's Bid for the Summer Olympics

Episode #40: The Olympic Boondoggle

One Small Step

Ranking College Football's Head Coaches - 2021

The Runback: Here Comes the Big Drum

MoCo’s Thrive 2050 Plan Will Keep You Stuck in Traffic

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: NFC West

Black Lives Matter Shares a Common Problem with the Tea Party

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: NFC South

July 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: NFC North

Episode #39: The Loyalty Thing

One Bee Thrives; Another Died

On Smith and Ohtani

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: NFC East

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: AFC West

The Runback: Debt of Dishonor

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: AFC South

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: AFC North

Brett Phillips and his Maddening Pitching

Democrats Rerun Redistricting Ruse

Players To Watch In NFL Training Camp: AFC East

Written Testimony to the Maryland Citizens Redistricting Commission

Conservative Club's Crass Carnival Clash

Fair Weather Fans

The Runback: Who Do You Trust?

Frederick County Conservative Club to host Bircher

July 2021 Republican Presidential Rankings

Episode #38: The Canada Day Special

Clown Announces Run for Governor

Flip? Says Who?

The Runback: The Real Problem

Judicial Watch Expose: MCPS Taught Students that ‘Make America Great Again’ was ‘Covert White Supremacy’

Voodoo wins First MAW Tournament

The Pipe Bomb at 10

Musings from Mars

The NFL 2021 QB rankings

NASA Sent Squids Into Outer Space

Alvarez & the Architects

The Runback: The Internet Ruins Fun

Holy Hamhocks: Nicholas Cage. IS. BACK.

Announcing the Alliance of Maryland Podcasts

June 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings

The Runback: A Reading from the Book of Jealous

College Football Playoff Expansion

Meats Win Ocean City Tournament

County Executive Races Taking Shape

Competitive Threat on Maryland’s Border? West Virginians Plot Income Tax Repeal

Episode #37: The Anniversary Show

Wes Moore Outs Himself as a Liar

The Runback: It's Our Birthday

Maryland Democratic Poll Means Nothing, But Says Plenty

Let's Book Summer Slam

Episode #36: The Scourge

June 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

The Baltimore Sun's Junk Science

Major League 4: Which Team Would Star In A Modern Remake

The Runback: The Dweeb

Gas Pump Sticker Shock? "Progressive" Policies Drive Energy Costs Higher

Mister Seahorse And Me

A Salute to Guy Fieri

Moving Year Part 2 – the G5

Democrats Owe Redfield an Apology

Episode #35: What's next for The Baltimore Sun?

Doug Gansler's Wishful Thinking

The Trailer for Last Night In Soho Is The Best Movie of 2021 So Far

The Runback: The China Problem

Is the Carjacking Epidemic a “Defund the Police” Movement Symptom?

Unwritten Garbage

Moving Year – Which Power 5 Programs Are Facing Pivotal Season in 2021?

Episode #34: Doug Rathell, Candidate for Delegate

Old Dog, New Tricks

That's Not How it Works

May 2021 Gubernatorial Power Rankings

How Did My NBA Regular Season Predictions do?

The Runback: The Beginning of the End

Trump Ruined the Conservative Brand

Relocation and Expansion Can Solve One MLB Problem

The NFL Schedule Release Is Here

Episode #33: The Duckpin's Road Trip Tips

Time to Re-Examine Pimlico Deal

The Runback: Self-Immolation

Breaking Down the Banks Memo

National Championship Returns to York

The 2021 Maryland Podcast Awards Show!

May 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Emoji Grading the NFL Draft

The Runback: A No Legged Stool

Caught: Emails Reveal Personal Animus, Not Science Drove MoCo COVID Policy

Winners And Losers From Round 1 Of The NFL Draft

Whiners in Westminster

Episode #31: Dirk Haire, Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party

Steuart Pittman Still an Environmental Hypocrite

The FINAL NFL Mock Draft for 2021

Sources Indicate Moheyeldien Planning to Run for Anne Arundel County Executive

The Runback: Capital Pains

What is Colin Byrd's Deal?

Guest Post: Support the Peace Cross

NFL Over/Under win totals

Episode #30: House Minority Leader Jason Buckel

The Limits of Woke Capitalism

The Runback: The Judas Effect

The Mixed Records of NXT Champions

April 2021 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

What's in a name?

Episode #29: Andi Turner on Gun Policy

The 10 Teams Most Likely To Make A Trade In The NFL Draft

Anthony Brown Wants Biden Administration to Block Hogan's Traffic Relief Plan

Baltimore Sun to Eastern Shore: Drop Dead

Losing Losers Still Losing

The Runback: Data Dump

Police Reform Bill Is Not Cut and Dry

What's It Actually Like at Camden Yards?

NFL Mock Draft 3.141592653589793

NCAA Should Keep Tournament Bubble

The New Red Sox Uniforms: Baseball Enters the Golden Age of Grotesque

How to Fix Politics. And Society.

What About Mental Health?

The Runback: Boycott This?

NFL Mock Draft 2.00000000000000000

Wrestling's Longest Week

April 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Orioles Crawling Before Walking

Episode #27: Jim Braswell on Equity in Public Schools

Julian Ivey Seeks to Go Pro

Supreme Waste

The Runback: Georgia's On Everybody's Mind

Socialist Slate Crushed at Young Democrats Convention

Are Federal Prosecutors Closing in on Baltimore's Power Couple, Marilyn & Nick Mosby?

The Club for Growth Lost Its Way

The Good, the Bad and the Church of the Woke

NFL MOCK Draft 1.0000000000000000

To The Sun, Everything Looks Like a Nail

Episode #26: Dylan Diggs on Frederick Politics

Problematic Emissions

Syracuse and the Benefit of Obscurity

The Runback: Madness

Kaminski Outlasts Medina in 5-hole Playoff

NFL Free Agency: Winners and Losers Day 3

The Equity Charade

NFL Winners and Losers: Free Agency Day 2

The Meaning of St. Patrick's Day

A Look at the Congressional Races

NFL FREE AGENCY: Winners and Losers Day 1

The Duckpin: It's Been a Bit of a Year

March 2021 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Coaching Carousel (Nearly) Complete

Give Us Mickey Jannis

Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Episode #24: GOP Anne Arundel County Executive Candidate Chris Jahn

Must-See TV: WBFF's Searing Baltimore City Public School Reporting

The Runback: Two Governors

The Dumbest Team Names In Professional Sports

Legislation Would Scramble Local Central Committees

Episode # 23: Rob Cataldi

March 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

The Runback: The Golden Calf

Guest Post: It’s Time for the Government to Deliver

The Continued Debasing of CPAC

The Virginia GOP is a Mess

Episode # 22: Evan Raimist of Maryland Bobcats FC

Redistricting Threatens Election Calendar

The Runback: Bainum's Opportunity

Montgomery County's Proposed "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" Approach to Policing

Ranking Maryland's County Flags

Arizona Republicans Embrace Nihilism

Baltimore City Comptroller Tapdances on Rush Limbaugh's Grave

The 10 Movies I don't want to see in 2021

Rush Built It

Episode #21: Harford County Executive Barry Glassman

The 10 Movies I want to see the most in 2021

February 2021 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

The Runback: It Was All a Work

BattleBots Bracketology

Do Democrats want to try to force Baltimore Sun sale by threatening Eminent Domain?

Social Justice Hits Home

Major League Baseball Screws Up Some More

Episode 20: Kenneth Burns of WHYY Radio, Philadelphia

Who Are Democrats Trying to Fool?

The Murder Mystery of Super Bowl LV

The Runback: What the 🐐 Tells Us

Hogan Traffic Relief Plan Moving Forward

They Also Played

Super Bowl LV Shuffle

Can the Super Bowl Halftime Show

Jeopardy! Guest Hosts Jump The Shark

The 10 Least Important People In The Super Bowl

Episode #19: Scott Czasak on Small-city Economic Development

February 2021 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

55 Prop Bets for Super Bowl LV

The Runback: Executive Orders

Commercial Conundrum

Why Not Lauren Arikan for Minority Leader?

The Sartorial Bowl

NFL Conference Championship Graveyard

The Runback: The Greatest of All?

Year One Report Card

Maryland Democrats' Digital Advertising Taxes Likely Illegal

NFL Preview: Conference Championship

Unelected Delegate Proposes Stupid Bill

Episode #18: Inauguration Day

NFL Divisional Round Graveyard

Tennessee Should Hire Me as Their Next Football Coach

The Runback: The End of an Error

Luedtke's Latest Handout to Unions

NFL Preview: Divisional Round

The Process Strikes Back

January 2021 Maryland Gubernatorial Power Rankings

Time for Andy Harris to Go

Episode #17: Conservatism is Broken

Single-Member Districts Embedded in Executive Order

NFL Wild Card Graveyard

The Runback: It Almost Happened Here

The 2020 National Championship

An Electoral College Flashback: Biden Shuts Down Democratic Electoral College Objections

NFL Preview: Wild Card Round


The Predestined End of the Trump Era

Reviewing 2020 NFL Predictions

Palm Springs was the best movie of 2020

Episode #16: House Minority Leader Nic Kipke

The NFL Fan's Unicorn Dream Journal

The Runback: Constitutional Armageddon

NFL Preview: Week 17