Sitemap - 2023 - The Duckpin

Merry Christmas!

Dan Cox's Alternate Reality

Delegate Wants Sales Tax Hike to Fund Mass Transit Only

The Runback: 🎄Presents Under the Tree🎄, 2023 Edition

Still Fighting the Fox in the Henhouse

Democratic Poll Shows Maryland Voters Want to Have Their Cake and Eat It Too

Christie's Court Action in Maine is Disqualifying

The Runback: The Big Shoh

The Saga of O'Malley's Folly May Finally End

Cox Botched Pearl Harbor Tribute

Gift Ideas for your Woke Friends

Guest Post: Can Republicans Rebound in Maryland? Maybe...

Baltimore City Council's Double Standard on Terrorism

Democrats Look to Expand Death Cult

The Runback: It Stinks

A 12-Team Playoff wouldn't solve this, either

Cox says he would not have kicked Santos out of Congress, cites arrest of "peaceful" January 6th Rioters

Charlemagne: The Architect of Western Culture

December 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Henry Kissinger: The Foreign Policy Genius

It Was All A Sham

Is Maryland Neglecting Election Law Prosecutions?

How Republicans Can Avoid the Pratfalls of Giving Tuesday

The Runback: Gun Case Exposes Democrats

I've Moved on From CM Punk. I wish the wrestling world would too.

New Campaign, Same Cox

Candidate Survey: Suzzanna Tanner for President

Candidate Survey: Emmanuel Osuchukwu for U.S. Senate

Candidate Survey: Jasmine Sherman for President

AG Brown’s Hate Crimes Commission Pick Makes Pro-Hamas Social Media Posts

Guest Post: In Elections, Repeat Messaging Works

Candidate Survey: Juan Dominguez for U.S. Senate

Candidate Survey: Chris Bruneau for Congress, District 1

The Runback: Let's Give Thanks, 2023 Edition

Guest Post: CASA's Bigotry Should Not Be Funded By Maryland Taxpayers

November 2023 Maryland U.S. Senate Power Rankings

The Most Organized Pre-Transition in History

The Runback: The Obvious Problem

The Running Man

Kirwan Commission May Require Defunding Schools in the Name of "Equity"

The Dog That Caught The Car

Higher Tolls Are Coming

F***ing Madness

The Runback: The Worst Is Yet To Come

The Beatles New Song "Now and Then" (REACTION VIDEO)

Hyser Recognizes Palestinian Independence, Attacks Royals Combat Service Again

Guest Post: The Architects of Reaganomics

Guest Post: October Surprise-Like Events May be Early and Often Going into the 2024 Presidential Election

November 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Chris Hyser: Hamas Appeaser

Matthew Perry's Greatest Role

The Runback: Board of Ed Can't Read.....The Room

A Story That Isn't

Sarbanes Retirement Throws Grenade into Primary Season

VIDEO: Reaction to "American Flags"

A Pointless Endeavor

Chilly Silence Greets Wes Moore’s Orioles Deal

Guest Post: Former Governor Bob Ehrlich: Gone from Public Office but not Forgotten

The Runback: Total Clown Show

Athletic Commission cracks down on license sharing, "rentals"

Hyser Attacks Royals, Accuses Combat Vet of "Never Having to Work a Day in his life"

Examining Anti-Israel Bias in American News Media Reporting

The Runback: The Only Solution is a One-State Solution

October 2023 Maryland U.S. Senate Power Rankings

Recap: The MDGOP's Grand Salute to Governor Ehrlich – A 20-year Celebration of Leadership and Vision

Candidate Survey: Wendy Bozel for Mayor of Baltimore

VIDEO: Reaction to Lara Trump's version of "I Won't Back Down"

Common Cause Graded Maryland Redistricting on a Curve

Candidate Survey: Fitzgerald Mofor for Montgomery County Board of Education, At-Large

The Game Will Break Your Heart

Hyser Deletes Video of Remarks on his Muslim Faith

The Day I Gave Up on My Hometown

The Runback: It's Activism, Not Journalism

The Usual Suspects Claim Third Title

Candidate Survey: Ashwani Jain for Congress, District 6

Hyser Has Degree in Muslim Chaplaincy

Christie, Ramaswamy Should Tell RNC to Pound Sand. But they won't.

Candidate Survey: Chris Hyser for Congress, District 6

Guest Post: Challenges and Opportunities for the Democratic and Republican Parties in 2024 and Beyond

The Runback....... and Seemingly Ranch

Jamaal Bowman Must Be Prosecuted

October 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

GOP Voters Abandon the Faithful

Cox Still Limply Tilting at Windmills

Guest Post: Governor Ehrlich 20 Years Later – His Legacy of Conservative Leadership

The Runback: PRIME

Baltimore Banner Pushes Insane, Likely Illegal Plan to Seize the Orioles

September 2023 Maryland U.S. Senate Power Rankings

The Runback: The GOP Needs an Enema

Trump Is Who I Said He Was

Orioles Clinch: Let's Soak It In

ERL Wins Third MAW Title

Hawley Pushes Price Caps

The Runback: One Simple Trick for Beating Joe Biden

2023 NFL Predictions

Ranking the Presidential Candidates Top 20 Songs

The Constitution is Not The Problem

VIDEO: Reaction to "Rich Men North of Richmond"

Where Are The Parents?

A Pox on All Their Houses

The Runback: It Makes Sense More When You Get Older

Phish returns to SPAC for a raucous weekend

September 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

America is in Trouble

The Kids Aren't Alright...

The Runback: The Budget Blues Are Here Again

Memos You Shouldn't Have to Write: Public Employees Can't Take Bribes

American Eats: Wyoming. Old Corral Hotel and Steakhouse

John Angelos is Full of Shit

American Eats: Wisconsin. Dotty Dumpling's Dowry

The Runback: Flavor of the Weak

American Eats: West Virginia. Drover's Inn

Two Days With Billy

American Eats: Washington. Mike's Chili Parlor

American Eats: Virginia. King's Arms Tavern

American Eats: Vermont. Workshorse Cafe

Will State Ed Board Dump Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury?

American Eats: Utah. The Atomic Grill

Candidate Survey: Erik Atkinson for President

August 2023 Maryland U.S. Senate Power Rankings

American Eats: Texas. The Esquire Tavern

The Runback: Like Father, Like Son

Ameican Eats: Tennessee. The Rendezvous

American Eats: South Dakota. Wall Drug

American Eats: South Carolina. River City Cafe

American Eats: Rhode Island. California Taco Shop.

American Eats: Pennsylvania. Primanti Bros.

Ohio Referendum Was Doomed to Fail

American Eats: Oregon. Pine State Biscuits

Candidate Survey: Frankie Lozada for President

American Eats: Ohio. Naples Spaghetti House

The Runback: The Future of the GOP is Bleak

American Eats: North Dakota. The Ground Round.

American Eats: North Carolina. Duck Donuts

American Eats: New York. Duff's Famous Wings.

American Eats: New Mexico. Frontier Restaurant.

American Eats: New Jersey. Any New Jersey Toll Road Service Plaza

The Summer of Rerun

American Eats: New Hampshire. The Red Arrow

Candidate Survey: Walter Clapp for President

August 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

American Eats: Nevada. Lola's Louisiana Kitchen

City Tax Dollars Are Paying For More Abortions, and More Unborn Kids Are Dying From It.

Is Recent Warming Volcanic and Not Anthropomorphic? We Don't Know

Riptide Win Second Straight OLW Title

The Runback: Broadcast Blunders

American Eats: Nebraska. Runza

American Eats: Montana. Cattleman's Cut

American Eats: Missouri. Gates Bar-B-Q

Two Days of Goose: Hot Tea In Portland, Empress of SPAC

American Eats: Mississippi. Huck's Place

American Eats: Minnesota. The Spam Museum

Alsobrooks Following Democratic Playbook of Selling Out to Out-of-State Interests

O'Malley Appointment Endangers Social Security

American Eats: Michigan. Tiger Stadium.

Candidate Survey: Jose Cortes for President

Bombshell Miller Allegations Are Alarming

American Eats: Massachusetts. Durgin-Park

Bag Bans Continuing to expand Across Maryland

American Eats: Maryland. Riviera Bowl

The Runback: What I've Missed

Dan Cox Lied About Congressional Filing

American Eats: Maine. The Dog and Pony Tavern

American Eats: Louisiana. McDonald's

Contesting Maryland’s CD 6 with a More Competitive MoCo Campaign

American Eats: Kentucky. Bluegrass Brewing Company

American Eats: Kansas. Sonic.

American Eats: Iowa. Kum & Go

Candidate Survey: Jesus Torres for President

American Eats: Indiana. Skyline Chili

The Runback: Get Heard

American Eats: Illinois. Superdawg

The Advertising Policy

American Eats: Idaho. Donny's Trailer Park Cuisine

American Eats: Georgia. Waffle House

Ten Years Ago I Lost A Race for Young Republican National Chairman. I Don't Regret It.

American Eats: Florida. 3.14 Pi Pizza

American Eats: Delaware. Grotto Pizza

Candidate Survey: Samuel Ronan for President

Alabama Joins FBI Headquarters Sweepstakes

American Eats: Connecticut. Louis' Lunch

American Eats: Colorado. Chick-fil-A, Concourse B, Denver International Airport

The Runback: Munchausen by Politics

American Eats: California. Hodad's

American Eats: Arkansas. White River Rest Area

American Eats: Arizona. Maswik Food Court and Pizza Pub

Late Stage WCW Was a Design Nightmare

American Eats: Alaska. The Moose's Tooth

2024 Maryland Candidate Information

Candidate Survey: Anthony Hudson for President

American Eats: Alabama. Dreamland BBQ

Introducing American Eats

Dan Cox to Run for Congress

The Runback: "This Is Not a Normal Court"

July 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Coke Zero Ultimate? Ultimate What?

The Common Denominator Between Pride Month and Bolshevism

Fall Out Boy Falls Short

Wes Moore End Runs State Senate Over Rejected Nominee

Ben Cardin: Abort Babies at Anytime

Baltimore City's Creeping Fascism

The Runback: Что посе́ешь, то и пожнёш

Except for the 6th, Maryland Congressional Races Retain Their Sleepy Stasis

Baltimore Sun to Eastern Shore: Drop Dead Again

Book Bans Don't Castrate Children; Wes Moore Does

Baltimore City Avoids Solutions, Subsidizes Big Tech Instead

Maryland’s School Absenteeism Epidemic

The Runback: "Covers all manner of sins, doesn't it?"

Moore's Interfaith Council Has No Catholics

Flashback: Why Not Monorail?

American Eats: Hawaii. Rainbow Drive-In

Joe Biden Was Right, for Once.

June 2023 Maryland U.S. Senate Power Rankings

Rob Manfred, MLB Comes for Moneyball

Did a Congressional Candidate Wish Death on David Trone?

A Bad Bash

Cause and Effect

Pride of Place is the Problem

The Runback: The Duckpin at 3

Trump is F*cked

John not the First Angelos to Flirt With a Run

No Truth Here

The Runback: They Can Do That, Hon

Using the next fiscal crisis as an opportunity

A Dim Idea in California

June 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Trump's Good Idea

The Runback: Ungrateful Bastards

Memorial Day Weekend 2023

Most Never-Trumpers are just Never-Republicaners

Is it Time to Recognize Old Bay Seasoning, Maryland-Style Pizza as State Symbols?

DeSantis Announcement Outrage is Dumb

The Runback: Find Your Bag Elsewhere

Coyotes Are Road Kill in Arizona

AM Radio Bill Not as Lame As You Might Think It Is

Dan Cox Still Accepts No Blame

Marylanders Deserve Better than Superintendent Choudhury

The Pence Perception Problem

Andy Harris Among Republicans Who Broke Earmarks Promise

The Runback: Moral Bankruptcy

May 2023 Maryland U.S. Senate Power Rankings

Brandon Scott Gives Up

Lisa Rodvien's Full-Time Entitlement

The Most Ignorant of All Columns

Dan Rodricks and His Battle Within

The Runback: Five Spot

Freshman Delegate Running for Congress

Wes Moore Doesn't Know Right From Wrong

Trump Didn't Make It Cool; He Just Exploited It

Now the Dominoes Fall

The Runback: Joe Biden's Second Term Is Inevitable. Unless....

May 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

What's going on at Fox News?

Defending the Indefensible

The Mouse That Litigated

We Don’t Need to Keep Repeating Anti-Vax Junk Science

White Leftists Protest Black Speaker

Marylanders Voting with Their Feet: Baltimore City, MoCo & Prince George’s Lose Population

The Runback: Telling the Truth Is Both Easy and Free

New Year, New Results

A Salute to the Flag

The Misguided Notion of Bag Bans

Candidates Have Consequences

The Runback: How Conservatism Died

Maryland Young Republicans Elect New Leadership

The Saga of the Snow Pile, Edition the First

Moore's Abortion Drug Stockpiling Says Everything

Margaret Chase Smith's Presidential Campaign

Into The Echo

Anything But The Dong Bong

Maryland General Assembly Ends Its Reign of Terror

The Runback: 100 Days of Disasters

Guest Post: On Comparing Jesus and Trump

All That's New Is Old Again

"Leaving You Stuck in Traffic" - Wes Moore's Greeting for Motorists

Cox Accuses FBI of Intentionally Killing Roy McGrath

The Runback: RESTRICT This

April 2023 GOP Presidential Power Rankings

Why is Luke Clippinger Refusing to Pass a Full Child Pornography Ban?

Lamone Retirement Highlights Harris Election Board Snafus

Maryland GOP Forgets How to Spell Maryland

Ranking the Wrestlemania Card

Yet Another Harris Board of Elections Appointee Flails

No Way Out

The Runback: A Wacky World

Kristi Noem To Headline MDGOP Dinner

Pimlico Deal Is The Mess We Always Knew It Would Be

The World Is Not Enough

Maine, town by town: Old Orchard Beach

Potential Trump Prosecution Is Bad for Trump. It's Also Good for Trump

Guest Post: MoCo’s Proposed STEP Act Works Against Its Own Goals

The Runback: A Lesson to Be Learned

Why Can't Wes Focus?

Democrats: Five Year Olds Can Determine Their Gender

Maryland GOP Asleep at the Wheel

The Natural Conclusion of Celebrity Politics and Proportional Representation

No Change Recommended

Bouchat Needs to Resign

Madness on the Plains

One Year Ago: Maryland Native Scott Hall Passes Away

Moore Plows Ahead With Disastrous California Vehicle Plan

Maryland Bans Gas-Powered Car Sales in 2035

The Runback: Si Vis Pacem, Para Victorium

Camden Yards Naming Rights Are For Sale, and I Don't Really Care About It

Keep Educational Hope Alive: Fully Fund Maryland’s BOOST Scholarships

The Runback: The Man Can Read A Poll

BWI Vendor Selling Wes Moore Merch

COVID Politics is Literally Killing Us

Florida Man Channels His Inner Orbán

It's Time to Say Goodbye

March 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

Maine, town by town: Damariscotta

The Runback: Правда on the Patapsco

Harris Keeps Digging the Hole

Maine, Town by Town: Waldoboro

Coca-Cola Move: "If You Like Piña Coladas...."

This Is What Early Voting and Absentee Voting Are Made For

Three Common Sense Anti-Crime Proposals

Nicole Harris is Stuck on Stupid

You Can't Spell Daniel L. Cox Without 2 L's

VEIP the First Tax Hike of Moore's Administration

The Death Cult's Day Out

The Runback: Question Time

Controversial Teacher Resurfaces at Annapolis High School

Harris Botches Choice for State Board of Elections

Bennett Argument Lacks Merit

Bron Breakker is Not the Answer

Giordano Seeks to Name Cox Special Legal Counsel for Wicomico County

Prevailing Sense

Maine, Town by Town: Lebanon

Wes Moore: The Governor With a Heart of Stone

The Runback: Sinister Purposes

Montgomery County GOP "Investigated" Peroutka's Extremist Ties

Charles County GOP Lincoln Dinner To Be Headlined by Alleged Torturer, Secessionist

Grateful for Grateful

Old Line Wiffle to Host Inaugural All-Star Game in Bowie

Weeding out the Free Market

Kagan Owns Stock in Three Vax Companies

Dan Cox is Now Doug Mastriano's Errand Boy

Buckel Considering Congressional Run?

Maryland Tolls Would Jump Nearly 50% Under Top House Democrat’s Bill

The Runback: The Vultures Are Circling

Cheryl Kagan’s Science (less) Based Assault on Parental Rights

Turning Point Debate on Conservatism Missing Conservatives

Gordana Schifanelli Has Left the GOP

There's a Restaurant and Bar in Oslo Called "Duckpin"

CPAC Turns Its Back on Free Speech

February 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings

"The Administration’s budget plan does not appear sustainable"

Cox Pushing Even Fringier Theories

FairTax: The ridiculous debate over a dumb idea

Announcing The Duckpin 100 for 2023

The Runback: Time to Abolish the Debt Ceiling

Harris Skips RNC Meeting

Montgomery GOP Offering Peroutka Class Again

Moore Fumbles Transportation Pick

The Runback: Whose Values? Not Mine

Special podcast: Remembering Jay Briscoe

On First Day, Moore Made Government Bigger

Greg Roman's Dismissal Was Due

"Conservative" Hardliners Pushing for 30% Sales Tax

New Poll Shows Moore Is Already Out of Touch

Ending Baltimore's Murder Plague

The Runback: The Unfilled Promise

National Media Continues Building a Wes Moore Hagiography

Maryland Democrats love democracy. Until they don’t.

Democrats Seek to Defy the Supreme Court

Blowback from the Throwdown

Harris Botches First Major MDGOP Decision

Populist? Hardly

Bill Ferguson's Priorities Highlight the Radical Shift of the State Senate

Democratic Tiptoe Around the Obvious

The Runback: Returning to the Island of Relevancy

A Potential WWE Sale Is an Existential Threat to the Wrestling Business

Juvenile Justice Reform Means Gun-Toting Student Walks Free

Frederick County Conservative Club Defends January 6th

The Quixotic Caucus Is An Embarrassment

I asked ChatGPT to Write a Sherlock Holmes Short Story

Moore Economics Mean Less for Maryland

A TAKS-ing Problem

Failed Former MDGOP Chairman Pelura Attacks Injured NFL Player Over Vaccine Status

The Call Is Coming From Inside The House

Maryland's "Middle Temperament" Governor, Larry Hogan

The Runback: A Change is Gonna Come

January 2023 Republican Presidential Power Rankings